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Latino Services Project (LSP) is a community based non-profit network organization whose mission is to serve as a hub and clearinghouse delivering contemporary information related to a variety issues impacting the larger Latino communities existing in Sonoma County. LSP work is focused on reducing health, education and economic disparities in Sonoma County’s Latino Community. LSP is an in-direct service provider that works with the Latino community to provide referrals, networking opportunities and navigate the complex network of available services. The Testimonios project is under the umbrella of LSP as a program that will enhance the existing support services LSP provides, in addition to furthering the work towards LSP’s mission of reducing disparities. Implementing this CDEP program will increase the dialectical and research opportunities that may arise from the community itself, and used to inform current and existing services LSP provides.

The grant from the state Office of Health Equity, California Reducing Disparities Project will fund a four-year initiative that will train 16-20 local students (ages 16-25)  annually as mental health ambassadors( Promotores de salud mental y emocional). The students will receive training at Santa Rosa Junior College as community health workers and work with mental health experts, as well as cultural and artistic leaders who can help them collect information about mental and behavioral health issues affecting the local Latino community.

Youth Promotores will impact mental health within the broader Latino community, but specifically their own spheres of influence, which will take place within the identified high schools, along with other youth activities where the YPs engage with immediate friendships, sports activities, clubs, social activities and other youth congregating hubs within the community. This includes the robust and active social media arenas and other digital and nondigital forums that are identified by the youth and are genuinely relevant to Latino youth. The outcomes of the program will be in congruence with the identified spaces mentioned along with other quantifiable and quantitative data achieved through the process of outreach and engagement.

The broader impact will also include the larger community and the organizations that act as hosts to events/meetings where the YPs, are conducting pláticas and other mental health conversations. YPs will be exercising their own expertise and engaging with other opportunities to interlink, encourage and refer both immediate peers and families to the proper activities or agencies that are appropriate.


Cohort Two: (2018-2019)

Aylin Aguilar 

Santa Rosa High School

Wendy Cuevas-Martinez 

Piner High School

Erika Escutia 

Piner High School 

Rebeca Franco 

Elsie Allen High School

Jonathan Garcia 

Piner High School

Leticia Garcia 

Santa Rosa Junior College

Marycruz Rios 

Roseland University Prep

Kitana Garcia 

Roseland University Prep

Isabel Jimenez 

Piner High School

Manuel Tah Pech 

Piner High School

Stephanie Sosa 

Sonoma State University

Brenda Vargas 

Piner High School

Alexis Duran 

Piner High School

Youth Promotor Lead


Short description of the role of the Concilio member:

The Concilio (Voluntary Community Advisors) is  a key component in ensuring  the project addresses mental health disparities with a culturally relevant approach in a diverse Latino community. By design, the Concilio has the role to influence and impact multiple areas of the Community-Defined, culturally appropriate, Evidence Practice (CDEP). Specifically, Concilio members are asked to participate in one or more of three committees:

1) Youth Promotores Training Curriculum Committee, 2) Community Outreach and Engagement Committee and 3) Evaluation Committee.

The three committees will provide support in the following categories:

  1. Youth Promotores recruitment and selection
  2. Educational trainings/informational workshops on Mental Health, culture and other relevant topics
  3. Be a guest speaker and ongoing resource for Youth Promotor training
  4. Community liaison to identify school and community settings for pláticas
  5. Provide input and review evaluation methodology, instruments, findings
  6. Be an ambassador for Testimonios, distribute evaluation findings

An interested volunteer will attend a Concilio meeting as an observer and have an informational interview with the Executive Director and at least one Concilio member. All new members will attend an orientation prior to appointment. There are not set terms for Concilio membership; however, at least one year of participation is encouraged for content and relationship continuity.

Questions, contact Guadalupe Navarro via email gnavarro@latinoserviceproviders.org or  call (707) 837-9577.


Latino Service Providers Testimonios Project hires (20) young bilingual bicultural women and men from Elsie Allen High School, Piner High School, Roseland University Prep, Roseland Collegiate Prep, Santa Rosa High School, Sonoma Valley High School, and Santa Rosa Junior College (ages 16-25) who are interested in psychology, counseling, or any mental health career. The required commitment is a minimum of ONE YEAR, but candidates can renew up to five years, until 2021-2022.

The Testimonios Project  is funded by the Office of Health Equity, California Reducing Disparities Project awarded by the California Department of Public Health. The Testimonios Project seeks to address the behavioral and mental health needs of underrepresented groups such as  African American, Asian and Pacific Islanders(API), Latinos, Native Americans and LGBTQ+ communities.


Specific duties include but may not be limited to:

  • Attend experiential learning activities, as listed below, and others highly recommended throughout the year to further mental health learning and practice:
    JUNE-JULY 2019: Community Health Worker(CHW 150) course at the Santa Rosa Junior College
    JULY 2019: Working Weekend Retreat – Youth Mental Health First Aid
    AUGUST 2019: Question Persuade Refer (QPR) Training
    JANUARY 2020: Mi Futuro Symposium
    MARCH 2020: Latino Family Summit
    MAY 2020: Latino Service Providers Monthly Meeting
  • Attend Youth Promotor and Concilio meetings 1-2 times a month between May 2018 to May 2019.
  • Participate and/or present in mental/behavioral health workshops/forums/symposiums; social media campaign and art project development; and a menu of other projects and their implementation; conduct surveys/platicas; research; and other outreach activities.
  • Participate (voluntary, but highly encouraged) in program evaluation by completing surveys, documenting activities, and interviews.
  • Disseminate applications to potential Youth Promotores for Testimonios project and help coordinate recruitment presentations with appropriate administrators and teachers.


Youth Promotores will be paid $10 per hour for training and $12 per hour for project activities and community engagement efforts. Approximate hours per student are 124 hours annually.

Application Process:

  1. Submit application before, Friday, March 01, 2019 via mail (address below) or email to Gemma Bolaños at  gbolanos@latinoserviceproviders.org
  2. Complete Potential Youth Promotor interview(Date will be provided if selected by the reviewing committee)
  3. Attend Orientation Day at Santa Rosa Junior College (Date will be provided once accepted as a Youth Promotor for the 2019-2020 year)

2019_Youth Promotor Application