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One of the keys to a happy high school and young adult experience is learning to balance one’s life between school, family, and friends. As such, it is a great idea as a young adult to find fun and interesting activities to participate in. Below are links to various program guides and activities which are for young adults and teenagers right here in Sonoma County.

YMCA Programs

The link below is for a YMCA guide to Teen and Youth programs, which include programs such as Model UN and Model Legislature & Court:

Boys & Girls Club of Sonoma County

The Boys and Girls Club of Sonoma County serve over 6,000 children every year in our county and operate many community clubhouses on school campuses. Check out the link for more info!

Excel Program at Sonoma State University

The Sonoma State EXCEL Program is a collection of interactive classes in science, technology, and the arts on the campus of Sonoma State University for students between grades 4-9. These one and two week summer classes have been running continuously since 1982 and over 21,000 thousand students have participated. Check it out!:

Santa Rosa Junior College Courses

The Santa Rosa Junior College has a concurrent enrollment program for high school students, meaning that qualified students can take college classes while in high school! A great way to experience what a college class is like and earn high school credits. Check out the link for more info:

Santa Rosa Parks & Recreation

Each year the Santa Rosa Parks and Rec offers a variety of camps for children, teens, and young adults throughout the year. Also note that many of these camps are looking for teen and young adult volunteers and counselors. See link below for more details on the various camps offered!

Tomorrow’s Leaders

An absolutely amazing program for high school juniors in Sonoma County, the goal of Tomorrow’s Leaders Today is to expose these students to the various aspects of their community, helping them to explore potential careers following post-secondary education. We strongly recommend you check the link out!

Upward Bound

Check out the multiple programs offered by Sonoma State including Upward Bound and the Academic Talent Search, all designed to help you reach college and succeed once you are enrolled!



Get Involved!

Get Involved with LSP

LSP-SC is a group founded from grassroots community efforts and relies heavily on volunteers to successfully operate. As such, LSP is constantly seeking new volunteers and interns who are looking to improve their local community for all. We are looking for highly-motivated people who are interested in making a difference in the lives of others and working towards a better community and county for all. LSP is particularly interested in attracting youth volunteers as a way of ensuring that LSP will remain a successful and effective community-based nonprofit for years to come. If you are interested in potential internships and volunteer opportunities please feel free to contact LSP at 707-837-9577 or email Kyle at We look forward to hearing from you!
Internship Advice

About Internships & Community Service

Community Service

A key part to both a successful high school experience and life is community service. It is likely that you have heard this from a host of individuals—your parents, teachers, counselors, relatives, and peers. Community service not only benefits our shared community and offers intrinsic rewards (feeling good about yourself), but it also looks great on college and scholarship applications. For a student or individual interested in community service, he or she should examine their personal interests and hobbies. For instance, if you are someone who likes working with children, perhaps you would be best suited for volunteering with an afterschool program for young children. On the other hand, if you are fascinated by history, then you would be better suited for volunteering at a local historical site.
For most high school students, when they think of community service, chances are they think of the quintessential service projects like volunteering at the local food bank or helping with a park clean up. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with volunteering in these ways, in fact, such projects are of great benefit to our community, most students don’t realize another form of volunteering—internships. An internship is a temporary position in which the intern works for the organization or entity. Often, such unpaid internships count as community service for awards and college applications. However, these internships are often not advertised and hard to come by. The first step for an individual interested in finding an internship should be to compile a list of organizations or businesses that they think they would be interested in working for. This could be anything from the local hospital to a legislator’s office. Then, see if these groups have websites, and if so, look for any information regarding internships on their websites. If you can’t find any information, it is strongly recommended that you call the group/organization and ask if they offer internships. More often than not, internships are not posted online because the group wants only the individuals who are motivated enough to call or email the group directly about a possible internship. The key to this process is a common piece of life advice—be persistent and don’t pass up any opportunities. Much like trying to find a job, you will often have to contact many organizations about an internship or volunteering before you find the right fit. LSP-SC would be happy to help students find internships in our local community when possible. Ultimately, finding the right internship and/or community service project can be a very rewarding experience in a plethora of ways, and we here at LSP highly encourage you to find the right one!

*Please note that the contents of this guide are advice and should not be used in place or as a substitute for recommendations from counselors, teachers, or other qualified individuals. This information was found based on Internet research and personal experiences from a number of successful high school students. This is general advice and recommendations and will by no means guarantee an internship or community service project.

Ways to Get Involved

The Sonoma State EXCEL program is a unique academic enrichment program that offers students entering 4-9 grades accelerated classes in science, math, technology, visual art, drama, and writing. The Excel High School Teaching Assistant Program needs high school volunteers to work as assistants to our faculty. They are looking for motivated and accomplished high school students entering grades 10-12 to help with the summer programs. See the link below for more info:
Below is a link to the Sonoma County Volunteer Center Teen Page. If you are interested in community service, but aren’t sure where to begin, this webpage can be a great start!
Here is a list of volunteer opportunities from the City of Santa Rosa, which include volunteering with emergency services and the Parks and Rec department and even the Water Department. Check it out, it might have what you are looking for!

Health and Wellness

During the teenage years, many individuals begin to take an interest and even start to manage their own health and wellness. This personal responsibility is a great step for most teenagers, helping them be better prepared for adulthood. The first step to successfully managing your health is to be informed. So, we here at LSP-SC have compiled a list of various guides and links which hopefully will help you stay properly informed about a host of health-related issues and tips of advice. Remember that being healthy and happy not only benefits you, but also your community as a whole.


It is a widely-known fact that college is very expensive these days, and often will leave students with significant amounts of debt upon their graduation. To help offset some of this debt, a student could apply for scholarships from outside organizations. Not only do these scholarships help pay for college, but they also in a sense are like awards that you receive and show a college that you are a qualified applicant. Remember that it’s not always the money value of a scholarship that’s important, but its merit value. Below are some links to different scholarship guides that will help you in your search for potential scholarships.

Chicana Latino Foundation
Each year the Chicana Latina Foundation awards merit-based scholarships to Latina college students, valued at $1,500 dollars each. This year they awarded 31 scholarships, so be sure to check it out!

Hispanic League

Here is a list of scholarships compiled by the Hispanic League that are designed to help Latinos and Hispanics pay for college. Check it out!

California Scholarship Directory

Here is a list of scholarships for minorities which are offered in California. This list a great place to start looking and the website also includes a lot of great information on the college and university path that students can choose to take following high school.

10,000 Degrees

10,000 Degrees is a wonderful organization whose mission it is to achieve educational equity, and support students with need to access and complete higher education to positively impact their communities and the world. Check out their services and scholarships available!