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Youth Engagement Programs

In order to promote art and writing among the future leaders of Sonoma County, Latino Service Providers is proud to highlight and recognize the artwork and writing of talented local youth through the Youth Art and Writing Showcase. Winners will be selected on a monthly basis and will receive a prize and their work will be showcased by LSP throughout the county! Please visit the link below to submit your work today!

Ernesto M. Garay (March 2018) 

LSP Youth Engagement Programs, CHOP’s Teen Club, and local artist Dayana Leon partnered up for LSP’s first Art Workshop on Friday March 2, 2018. Middle and High School students from a variety of schools in Sonoma County were able to come together to collaborate on a piece that will be displayed at the Fandango Fundraiser.

Jesus Villalobos (February 2018)

  • “Yo me inspire en hacer este dibujo por ver anime romantico, y por el dia de San Valentin.

Ya que las parajes pasan este dia juntos.”

  • ” I was inspired to do this drawing by watching romantic anime scenes, and for Valentine’s Day. Since most people spend this day with their significant other.”
  • 8th grader at Comstock Middle School

Julian O Rojas (January 2018)

  • 8th Grader at Comstock Middle School

The majority of the time, recognition in high school goes to the same group of students—either those who are academically or athletically accomplished. As a result, there is a large portion of the student body that goes unrecognized, those who aid and greatly benefit our community. These students deserve recognition and praise for their community involvement and achievements. The goal of this program is to highlight and reward Hispanic and Latino students who positively impact their communities, especially at-risk students. This program is developed, in part, by a current high school student who understands the stresses of high school and through firsthand knowledge, recognizes the significance that this kind of program has during a potentially difficult period of life. Hispanic and Latino students in the 10th and 11th grades are eligible to apply as the LSP Student of the Quarter

Emily Ibanez Arroyo Winter 2017

  • 6th – freshman – Windsor Middle School
  •  Interested in medical field, pediatric neurologist. Would like to attend to Stanford or Johns Hopkins, MD
  •  She is a Davis Scholar

Belen Altamirano- Fall 2017              

  • Has a  5.0 GPA
  • Currently takes JC courses along with high school courses
  •  “I always enjoy helping others. Volunteering for my community is one of my greatest privileges because not only do I meet so many great people who are just as passionate as myself, but I am also able to make a difference–no matter how small–in my community.”

Nathan Garcia- Diaz -Summer 2017

  • Has a 4.0 GPA
  • 11th grader at Santa Rosa High School
  • Nathan is a great student and wonderful musician.  He tries his best to take the time and talk with kids about the difficulties of being a first generation student and how that is his inspiration to continue to get a higher education.

Fernanda Corona- Spring 2017 

  • Proud to be Latina
  • Most influential model: her grandmother
  • Would like to attend a 4 year college, if not she would like to go to a JC and then transfer to UC Davis

Mateo Barrales- Fall 2016

  •  Got full scholarship to Sonoma Academy
  • Wants to express he is Mexican
  • Wishes to attend Berkeley or Davis

Many teens and young adults have extraordinary ideas to help their community, but are unsure of where to begin. This is why LSP has created the Submit a Project Program to help these aspiring community leaders bring their ideas to fruition. Selected projects will receive guidance and up to $250 funding from LSP. Visit the link below to submit your project idea today!

Luisa Fernanda Navarro (February 2018)

  • Made care kits for women and children who are homeless. All supplies were dropped off at Sloan House, which is a women’s shelter
  • Care kits included blankets, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and Subway cards
  • Given $250 for this project

27 Canavases

  • Mrs. Dido’s Leadership class from Hilliard Comstock Middle School created 27 canvases that represent the theme of friendship and anti bullying

Gisell Perez-Salcedo 

  • Wanted to create a project to unite and excite the graduating class of Roseland Collegiate Prep
  • The mural represents pride, passion, and gratitude
  • This mural unfortunately was affected by the wildfires